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“This series was absolutely amazing. I can’t get enough of these characters. There are plot twists left and right that you won’t see coming.”-Amazon Reviewer

All Reanna “Ray” Adams wanted was a fresh start somewhere that wasn’t her drug head mother’s house. With her best friend and her boyfriend by her side, Reanna found shelter in the small town of Hampton, Georgia. But a night out with her best friend changed everything. Twisted was one of the busiest bars in Hampton. It was also the last place she ever thought she would see him. Miles Conrad. He used to be her best friend. He used to be a good person. Until he wasn’t. Reanna never thought she would see him again, not after the situation he left behind. But as the truth of what really happened all those years ago unraveled, Reanna realized that she might not know Miles or anyone close to her at all. All it took was one truth. One twisted lie. To shatter everything.

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Recent Reviews

“Following Ray and Miles’ story put me on an emotional rollercoaster that I was unable to put down. My heart broke, mended, shattered, ached, and pulled back together in so many ways. I wanted to reach into the book to deliver some upside-the-head slaps, I yelled, and I threw my kindel (onto a pillow but still…). This gives you all the feels in the best way.”-Amazon Reviewer, Twisted

“Miles and Ray have known each other for years. However, do to a major deception, their love was stopped before it could even bloom. Fast forward several years, Miles is co-manager of Twisted, the busiest bar in town. One particular night, Ray walks back into Miles life and NOTHING remains the same after. Can a love bloom after several years, several lies and one big stumbling block??

Emily Rose has delivered an excellent novel. The characters and storyline are fantastic. This a slow burn novel that will leave you craving more. Ms. Rose’s writing style is wonderful and easy to read. I simply cannot wait to begin the next book in this series.

Five hot flames 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 for Twisted!!!“-Amazon Reviewer, Twisted

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